We were coffee lovers, but at our core we were coffee-powered scientists. Once exposed to the stunning impact of nitrogen gas infused into coffee, we became obsessed with finding ways to make nitro consistent, gorgeous, and simple to serve. We had tasted too many cups of "nitro" that were little more than cold brew on tap. To our surprise, we succeeded in making not only great nitro, but also great cold brew coffee using a proprietary hybrid-brew method. 



We had so much fun with coffee, we nitrogenated globally-inspired artisanal teas, and house-made, craft kombucha. We’ve made it easy for businesses to offer beautiful, cascading Nitro with a reliable head—every time—because we deliver kegs of exceptional customized nitro products, ready-to-serve using our patented nitrogen infusion hardware


When we began serving nitro at local farmer’s markets on-tap, people asked for a way to take our beverages home. We now offer 32 and 64 ounce growlers of our products, and people think our beverages are as amazing off-nitro as on—although the experience of nitro has its own magic. Using natural, fresh ingredients raises the bar high, so we do the hand-crafted work to deliver premium products with a short-but-natural shelf life. No worries, if you buy a growler, it's not going to last long anyway!

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(844) 322-7223


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