Nitro Coffee

We know nitro. We coffee-powered scientists had such fun nitrogenating coffee,
we decided to nitrogenate all our favorite beverages. Enjoy!

Why Nitro?

Drinks don't have to hurt! Done well, nitrogenation creates a silky, creamy mouth feel (like a Guinness Stout), a lasting foamy head, and a beautiful cascade down the inside of the glass. Nitrogen softens and mellows flavors without the hot acidic “bite” of effusive carbonation. Customers describe our nitro as fresh and smoooooth. Drinkers of black nitro coffee remark on the subtle sweetness and creaminess achieved with zero added milk or sugar - all delivered with nothing more than a pull on a tap.


On Tap, On Time

We make it easy to serve nitro beverages in volume. We brew, keg, and deliver. We help small business grow their cold-coffee, nitro tea and nitro kombucha market, and help large businesses power-up employees with nitro beverages on tap in offices. Check out our Nitro Locator to see where you can find our products, or find events where we sell directly to lucky customers.

Better Than Fair

Cascade uses select, direct trade, better-than-fair-wage beans for our base coffee products. Our coffee roasters are committed to the farmers and communities with whom they partner. However, we also toll-brew the select beans of local roasters, using our unique processes to deliver an exceptional, tailored product in volume.


Especially specialty

We are continually developing creative and tasty craft products, seeking globally inspired flavors to delight your customers’ demand for options. From rice-based Horchata to Yerba Mate tea, from kid and adult friendly Dreamsicle to Blueberry Basil Jasmine to  Grapefruit Hops, we provide options custom-tailored to your vibe.

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Safe and sound

Customers ask if nitrogen gas is safe. Absolutely! About ¾ of every breath you’ve taken while reading this has been nitrogen. A draft stout beer is a nitro beer, also using 100% nitrogen gas.

Cuatro Connect

As common as nitrogen is, it takes some work to get it into beverages—but, don’t worry, that’s our job. With our system, you’ll never have to shake a keg again (if you’ve done your own nitro, you know what we’re talking about!). Our patented Cuatro Connect (TM) delivery system guarantees the greatest amount of cascading awesomeness and an enduring head—putting our nitro service “heads” above the rest.


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